The Women’s Ministry would like to invite you to participate in the new Lending Library at the church.  It is located in the Sunday School classroom across from the Choir practice room.  The idea is to have a place at church where we can bring fiction and non-fiction books that we own and have read and would like to share with others at church.  There are two forms to be used to participate.  One form is for those who would like to lend books.  It provides a place for each of us to record which books we’ve brought to lend, whether they’re fiction or non-fiction, and whether you’d like to have them back at some point or if they should be donated at some point to a suitable place.  The other form is for those who’d like to borrow books.  It provides a place to record which books have been borrowed, with a place at the top for your name, as well as a column to record the date borrowed and the date returned.

We ask that good judgment be used in the books that are brought to be donated.  Also, we ask that books be returned within 2-4 weeks from the date borrowed.  The library is for all in the church to use, men and women, young and “not so young”.  You may write your name in the books you lend, but it’s not a requirement.


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