The mission of Palmer Home for Children is to provide superior residential care for children that introduces the love of God through service, and to extend that care to many more children in need.

Palmer Home is a Christian organization that seeks to play a part in the global symphony of efforts to embody the peace, justice, and hope of God.  We hope to be the hands and feet of God’s compassion, doing justice for those whom God loves and who cannot help themselves. We long for healing and restoration and provide each child with a family, a home, and a community. We seek to soften those hearts that have been hardened by grief, and to create in them a place“Where Hope Still Grows.”

Palmer Home for Children currently serves nearly 100 children from birth through college age who live year-round on two campuses in Columbus, MS and near Hernando, MS. Palmer Home extends counseling to the family of origin, foster care, and other family-related services.

Serving individual children as well as sibling groups, Palmer Home provides an opportunity for every child to overcome existing obstacles, build on valuable strengths, learn traditional family values, and have available the foundation to become responsible, caring adults.

Palmer Home is here to extend effective, healing help, so that hurting children can dare to hope, to dream, and to love again, all because caring friends have chosen to participate in Palmer Home’s growing outreach, prayerfully and lovingly providing financial support and volunteer help.

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