Sav-A-Life – Demopolis

The mission of Sav-A-Life Outreach Centers is to establish or work with pregnancy centers in order that communities will be reached for Christ and that abortion will be made unnecessary and undesirable. Our stated mission is accomplished by helping women in unplanned pregnancies make a choice for life physically and eternally. In other words, Sav-A-Life has a two-fold focus: to preserve physical and spiritual lives. Physically, the sanctity of every human life is a God-given truth found throughout Scripture. The absolute truth as given by our Creator in His Word is our foundation. Without question, God’s Word gives value, dignity, and sacred worth to the physical life of each person, born and unborn. God gives sanctity to our physical bodies, yet, it is our spiritual beings that were created for eternity. We have the unique privilege of offering the gift of eternal life to those we encounter through this ministry. While we strive to meet the physical needs of any woman who may come through our door, we realize that we could feed her today, but tomorrow she would be hungry again. It would be pointless to offer her only temporary solutions without offering to her the very answer to life itself. We know that long lasting, eternal hope is only found in the person of Jesus Christ, our redeemer.

Because of this mission and the work of Sav-A-Life, each year:

   2,500 babies are saved
   45,000 women are ministered to
   2,000 women receive Christ