The McNutt's

The McNutt’s
Doug, Kelly, Moses, Makenna,Mia, and Genevieve McNutt

Doug and Kelly are feeling God’s call to church-planting ministry in Utah. Some statistics show the population of Utah to be 86% Mormon. Evangelical churches are few and far between in many parts of the state and there are only 5 PCA churches in the state. The McNutt’s would like to do a church-planting apprenticeship under one of the Utah PCA pastors/church-planters and then move into a church-plant in a selected Utah city themselves. Mission Utah ( is the PCA’s church-planting network in Utah that Doug and Kelly would be working with. The church-planting apprenticeship would last 1-2 years, during which time they would select a city in Utah to move into for a church-plant. Please pray for the details of this call to come into place and for the lost sheep of Utah.

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