Aaron and Leticia Zapata

Aaron grew up in Yucatan, Mexico, in a Christian family. He accepted Christ as Savior at a summer youth camp when he was nineteen. He married Leticia in 1976. He worked as a civil engineer for five years while serving as a lay leader in the church. Feeling a call to become a pastor, Aaron attended Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS, where he obtained Master of Divinity and Master of Christian Education degrees. Since then, Aaron has pastored five churches and has served as president of San Pablo Theological Seminary in Merida, Mexico. Aaron and Leticia were called by Mission to North America and have served with BEAMM in El Paso for the past eight years. Oasis PCA Mission was begun in 1997 by Aaron and his family. Pastor Daniel Young officially assumed the pastoral role for Oasis in January 2004, as Aaron focused more on directing the San Pablo Seminary in Ciudad, Juarez. Aaron new serves as Sub-Director of San Pablo Seminary in Juarez. At present there are 16 students. Aaron and Leticia have three children: Aaron-28, Mark-26, Ana-23.