Chaplain William Broderick

My name is William Broderick. I am a new Navy chaplain serving with Marines. I am married and have five wonderful children. After 15 years as a teaching elder serving three different congregations I was given the opportunity to come into the Navy full time. It was a coming home for me because over 20 years ago the Lord came and regenerated my heart while serving in the Marine Corps reserves. Back then it seemed I was all alone in my faith, which now I know was not true. The Lord has given me the chance to go back and be a witness and support to the Marines and see there is no part of this world that he does not have his witnesses in. I serve with the First Tank Battalion, First Marine division. This Battalion has a rich history of service and is filled with courageous Marines that have seen some very difficult things in recent history. I look forward to a long relationship with your church. Thank you for your support of the PCA chaplains.
In Christ,
William Broderick
Currently deployed with Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force